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What Clip Art Would You Choose?


Clip Art Giveaway Results:

We recently asked the following question of our Facebook fans:

"If you could choose any free clip art from Dancing Crayon Designs up to the value of $5 - what would you choose?"

We then offered them a $5.00 free gift coupon code to pick out what ever they would like from our range of colorful clipart.

So what did people choose?

Actually, the results were as diverse as our range, with graphics from all categories feeling loved!  

There was however, one clear winner: 

Our landscape black line border set.  These borders are designed to be practical - giving your projects a professional finish without taking up too much room on the page and without taking a huge amount of ink to print out.  They're perfect for worksheets, cover pages, and school projects.

black and white borders


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Here's a snapshot of a few of the other clip art sets people chose for their freebie; thank you to everyone who took part:


DL chose this set of pencil borders and backgrounds, perfect for education-themed projects:

pencil borders

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love, love, love the pencil borders! I cannot wait to use them!" DL



TTH chose this dog and bone clipart set:

dog and bone clipart

"Thank you - thank you!! I just saw this a few minutes ago and was panicking that I would miss it so I chose something so quickly! :) I managed to get your cute dog & dog bone set. I can't wait to use it to create something. :)" TTH


TJ, a music teacher, chose this very applicable set of musical instrument clip art:

music clipart


"What a treat! Thank you so so so sooooo much for the freebie! I bought your classroom percussion set! Yippee! You're the best."  TJ



TMo3 chose these Kilroy Kids Clip Art frames:

kids borders

"Thank you SO much! I've bought from you before on TpT and didn't know you had your own website! I got the Kilroy kids which are just adorable. I really appreciate your kindness and what a fun surprise to see your flash freebie!" TMo3



RTL and IL both chose this bright and colorful alphabet clipart, perfect for making your projects or displays 'POP':

colorful alphabet clip art


"WOW! Thank you so much! I have one of your alpha sets and now I have the color pop set, too! Awesome clip art!" RTL

"This is really very generous... I love my color pop letters...thank you!!!  IL


DL chose this set of 270 World flags.  A great choice with the 2014 Winter Olympics coming up:

flags of the world clipart


"Thank you again! I ended up getting the flags clip art - love them!"  DL


What would you choose?